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Thermo Wells, pockets
Pressure: chemical, petrochemical, industrie

Products catalog - bimetal - TS2

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Bimetallic thermometer (TS)
co-axial (H)
vertical (V)
80 mm (080)
100 mm (100)
For mounting
with unthreaded shoulder (A)
with fixed thearded connection (S)
with back mounting flange (F)
Process connection
Ø 15, in galvanized brass (L-)
Ø 15, AISI 303/ 1.4305 (I-)
Ø 15, in aluminium (A-)
Ø 15, in nickel-plated aluminium (N-)
G 1/2', AISI 303/ 1.4305 (G4)
G 3/4', AISI 303/1.4305 (G6)
1/2' NPT, AISI 303/ 1.4305 (N4)
Temperature range
-70...+40°C (B0704)
-40...+40°C (B0404)
-30...+70°C (B0307)
-30...+170°C (B0317)
0...+60°C (C0006)
0...+120°C (C0012)
0...+160°C (C0016)
0...+200°C (C0020)
0...+250°C (C0025)
0...+320°C (C0032)
0...+400°C (C0040)
0...+500°C (C0050)
0...+600°C Process wetted part max. 550°C (C0060)
+30...+250°F (F0012)
others temperature ranges, on request (Spec?)
Measuring system
standard (S)
short (C)
ø 6mm, AISI 304L/ 1.4306 (6I)
ø 6mm, AISI 304L/ 1.4306 with spear point (6P)
ø 6mm, AISI 316L/ 1.4404 (6X)
ø 8mm, AISI 304L/ 1.4306 (8I)
ø 8mm, AISI 304L/ 1.4306 with spear point (8P)
ø 8mm, AISI 316L/ 1.4404 (8X)
ø 9mm, AISI 304L/ 1.4306 (9I)
ø 9mm, AISI 304L/ 1.4306 with spear point (9P)
ø 9mm, AISI 316L/ 1.4404 (9X)
Length 'L'(in mm)
L=(min=60, max=2000)
mineral (VM)
acrylic (VA)
minéral with boring and rubber plug for ajustement on the pointer (PM)
acrylic with boring and rubber plug for ajustement on the pointer (PA)
minéral with index pointer (AM)
acrylic with index pointer (AA)
without adaptor (--)
'AMX' Swivelling and sliding threaded connection (AX)
'AMU' Swivelling and sliding cap connection (AU)
'ANX' Extra connection for fixing to swivelling threaded connection (NX)
without adaptor (--)
G1/2', AISI 303 (G4)
G3/4', AISI 303 (G6)
1/2'NPT, AISI 303 (N4)
1/2'NPT, AISI 316L (NX)
3/4'NPT, AISI 303 (N6)
M18x1.5, AISI 303 (M5)
M20x1.5, AISI 303 (M6)
M24x1.5, AISI 303 (M8)
M27x2, AISI 303 (M9)
Length 'L1'(in mm)
L1=(min=60, max=1970)
Option measuring system
standard (-)
silicone filling for vibrations 'C2' (2)
Calibration report
without (-)
3 points (3)

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