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Temperature: chemical, petrochemical, industrie
Temperature: particular applications
Thermo Wells, pockets
Pressure: chemical, petrochemical, industrie

Products catalog - according to ISA, for Thermo-Sensor S50 -TW50-613-001

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straight thermowell welded full penetration with flange RTJ drilled from bar-stock
Characteristics :
- Instrument :

- Industry :
Chemical industry
Treatment of the water
Production of energy
Installations of cover
Mechanical engineering industry

Description :
  • straight, drilled from bar-stock
  • welded full penetration on flange
  • ring joint face (RTJ)
  • according to ANSI B 16.5
  • for Mounting Sensor S50
Company : RUEGER
Sales Group : according to ISA, for Thermo-Sensor S50
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